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About Us

NSDNY Corp. making the dream of home ownership a reality for everyone in New York City.

We engage primarily in developing and selling renovated and newly constructed properties in New York City metropolitan area.

Our continuous mission is to cut through the red tape and make shopping for a home an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone. We have made it possible for the homebuyers to turn the key and move right in.

NSDNY Corp. engages primarily in buying, Renovating, Converting and selling Condominium, single and multi-family dwellings in New York City metropolitan area.

The company owns controlling interests in various developing companies including, but not limited to NSDNY Corp., Your Home Inc., Twin Homes Ltd., and many more.

In 20 years, the company has become one of the largest developers with this specialization in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Condominium & Housing market. Uniquely, the company has been rehabilitating / converting 180 days from building department permit issuing.  and reselling homes on an average of under 90 days. New construction to sale has an average of 90-180 days from the date of receipt of certificate of occupancy from building departments.

In addition to its core business of selling rehabilitated multifamily houses, in the past Fifteen years the company has built and sold over hundreds of newly constructed houses and Condominiums and expects that Condominium conversion will become a significant revenue and profit stream.

Brooklyn is the 4th Largest “City” in America With over 2.6 million residents, Brooklyn is NYC’s largest and fastest growing borough.
Today, if New York City dissolved, Brooklyn would rank as the third-most populous city in the U.S
Brooklyn is situated on the westernmost point of Long Island and shares a land boundary with Queens, which partially encircles Brooklyn to the north, east and south; Manhattan lies across the East River to the west and north of Brooklyn, and Staten Island is across the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge to the southwest. The borough's East River waterfront offers some of the area's most stunning panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline.

  • It's easy to access Brooklyn using the New York City Subway. Six tunnels and two bridges carry subway lines across the East River, which separates Brooklyn from Manhattan. There is no additional fare for taking the subway to Brooklyn. Maps, route planning, and service status can be found
    a major railroad station, the Brooklyn Academy of Music concert hall, many office buildings, and municipal, state and federal buildings and courthouses. Many subway and bus lines go to or through Downtown Brooklyn.

  • Downtown Brooklyn is the third largest central business district in New York City, United States.

  • Though Brooklyn is the most populous of the five boroughs, it’s comprised of many areas that are far different from the hustle and bustle of New York City - abundant parks, walkable sidewalks, tight-knit communities, and even reasonable rents.

  • Families, young professionals, artists, and recent graduates all call Brooklyn home; many of them, in fact, relocated to Brooklyn from every corner of the United States, if not the world. More than, perhaps, most other places in America, Brooklyn celebrates its diversity. If you are planning to move to Brooklyn, below are nine things that you need to know before, during, and after your move.

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